RINO Season Begins Today

Written by Dr. Scott Livelywww.defendthefamily.com

For conservatives, it’s time to let some hard truths push aside conventional wisdom in the political realm.

First, we need to admit and accept that Republicans in Name Only (RINO) are worse enemies to our cause than Democrats.  Every time we accept a RINO instead of a true conservative for any position we guarantee a continuing progressive loss for conservative values.  Why?  Once RINOs are in office it is nearly impossible to replace them with a true conservative (absent a major scandal or such like) because the moderates (whose votes we need to defeat liberals) will never join with the conservatives to oust them in favor of a conservative.  This virtually assures a continuous cyclical succession of power from moderate to liberal office holders (until conservatives refuse to play ball).

Once this cycle begins the RINOs grow continuously stronger with each revolution as the “lesser of two evils“, “half a loaf is better than no loaf at all” philosophy become the common wisdom among conservatives.  And the longer this continues, the more conservatives are converted to moderates because RINOism is in fact a form of liberal “progressivism” and always moves to the left.  That in a nutshell explains the transformation of America we conservatives continually lament.

Second, the only way, therefore, to break the RINO to liberal to RINO to liberal cycle — and this is tough to swallow — is to let the liberals beat the RINOs by withholding our support.

This is what I believe happened to Romney, and if so, it might just turn out for the best — IF…

Third, conservatives seize the opportunity of a season of unchecked liberalism to rebuild our movement by launching a campaign of unapologetic advocacy of conservative values to moderates, who in turn will be increasingly alienated by experiencing liberalism in its true nature.  And IF…

Fourth, conservatives act quickly to purge the RINOs from our movement and take back control of the levers of power from them.

Very simply, conservatives only win when there is a clear choice between our values and those of the liberals (e.g. Reagan/Carter).RINOism obscures the distinctions, which guarantees a continuous leftward shift.  These coming four years will provide the best opportunity we have ever had in the history of our nation to showcase this contrast of values.  The end result can be a true shift of power from liberal to conservative if we resist the lure of compromise and “take the nation to school” on what we really stand for and why.

Fifth, and most importantly, conservatives must acknowledge our roots in the Bible just as openly and proudly as the Founders did.  This is, of course, what ultimately divides true conservatives from RINOs in the first place.  Because the “social issues” they so fear and loathe are really just Biblical values, and they fear them because they don’t share them with us, and thus cannot defend them in the political arena.

So, in conclusion, our real problem is not Barack Obama and the Democrats.  They’re just liberals being liberals.  Our real problem, whether or not we are Republicans ourselves, is the “Republican Establishment,”  RINO Central.  We need to run these phonies out of our movement, ASAP, and ensure that the next batch of candidates we put forward against the libs are men and women of principle.

Happy RINO hunting!