Election Watch: Endorsement Lists

“[S]hould things go wrong at any time,
the people will set them to rights by the peaceable
exercise of their elective rights.” –Thomas Jefferson

The General Election is right around the corner…

You can make a difference in the 2012 General Election by voting for candidates who share your values!

Cut through the political spin by using the IFI Voter Guide to get straightforward information, and then use the Illinois Family Action Election Watch supplemental to learn even more.

Want to know what groups have endorse which candidates? Then you will want to check out these resources:

U.S. Presidential Endorsement

U.S. Congressional Endorsement Lists

State Senate Endorsement Lists

State Rep. Endorsement Lists

Judges Endorsement Lists

County Endorsement Lists

Together, we can make a difference in electing men and women who share our values and who will make policy based on those values when elected. Please share these resources with your friends and family and don’t forget to vote on Tuesday November 6th— or earlier as Early Voting will begin October 22nd and will continue to November 3rd.

Find Early Voting locations in your area HERE.

Please, help your friends and family prepare for this vital election! Tell them about IFA’s Election Watch.