Republican Arie Friedman Enthusiastically Anti-Life

Written by Laurie Higgins

Can anyone forget that Republicans have been lectured ad nauseum that they need to call a truce on the social issues and that all that matters is the economy?

Well, the barely concealed truth has been fully exposed in “Republican” Arie Friedman’s recent election flyer. It reveals that the truce the Illinois GOP is demanding is really a forfeit by conservative Republicans. Dr. Friedman’s flyer reveals that faux Republicans are free to pursue their anti-life agenda with impunity and without paternalistic lectures from the all-knowing Illinois GOP.

Friedman is running for the Illinois Senate in the 29th District. His campaign—with the blessing of the Illinois Republican Party—just sent out a full-color, wildly enthusiastic flyer indicating that Friedman is a full-color, wildly enthusiastic booster of women’s “right” to kill their babies.

The entire point of the 8 x 10 flyer is that Friedman is pro-choice. The front is a color photo with a woman proclaiming “I’m pro-choice and I’m supporting Arie Friedman for State Senate.” Then on the back, the only words highlighted in yellow are the words, “Arie Friedman is pro-choice.”

Clearly Friedman is proud of his position. Unfortunately, many Republicans will be offended and angry: offended by the eager endorsement of child-killing, and angry that their two ballot choices (Friedman and Julie Morrison) are so devoid of moral compasses on the issue of life. Despite the IL GOP’s repeated assertions, issues other than the economy matter.

Wisdom matters too.