Obama: the Great Pretender

Written by Laurie Higgins

Obama promised to be the transformative, transparent unifier, one step beyond partisanship and politics. Was he the great and powerful Oz promised to America or the charlatan behind the curtain?

Obama’s transparency:

  • Broke campaign promise to televise negotiations on health care bill on C-SPAN
  • Asserted executive privilege to prevent Attorney General Eric Holder and the Justice Department from having to provide documents on the “Fast and Furious” debacle that have been subpoenaed by Congress

Obama’s non-partisan, unifying actions:

  • Proposed and passed a controversial and highly partisan health care bill that, thus far, has resulted in 30 lawsuits filed challenging the health care law, with 28 states as plaintiffs
  • Told American people that the health care law’s individual mandate is not a tax, then had his solicitor general tell the Supreme Court it is a tax
  • Undermining religious liberty by forcing religious institutions through his health care law to subsidize abortion, sterilization, and contraception or pay substantial penalties
  • Provided federal grant money to Planned Parenthood in states that had voted to defund it
  • Reaffirmed his support of abortion and pledged “to protect this constitutional right”
  • Issued an executive order that enables U.S. aid to go to international organizations that perform or promote abortions
  • Issued an executive order that allows federal funds to go to embryonic stem cell research
  • Rescinded a conscience-protection rule for health care providers
  • Ordered his Department of Justice to stop defending the duly enacted Defense of Marriage Act
  • Repealed Don’t Ask Don’t Tell
  • Announced his support for same-sex marriage in contradiction to his 2008 campaign claims that he opposed same-sex marriage
  • Held a conference purportedly about bullying but really about normalizing homosexuality to which he invited the obscene, hate-spewing, puerile Dan Savage
  • Created a White House website purportedly about bullying that has a special section for only one set of conditions for which students are bullied: homosexuality and “transgenderism.”
  • Had Secretary of State Hillary Clinton give a UN address that announced the United States would be committing resources to the normalization of homosexuality abroad
  • Appointed Kevin Jennings, founder of the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network (GLSEN) to be America’s “safe school czar”
  • Recess-appointed controversial lesbian law professor Chai Feldblum, who has argued that sexual liberty supersedes religious liberty, to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
  • Sued Arizona to prevent the state from enforcing federal laws that the federal government refuses to enforce

Next time “progressives” bemoan the divisiveness of Republicans, remind them of these unifying actions of Obama, the most radical president in U.S. history.