No Surprise — LGBT Super PAC for Obama

Gay pride flag

Becky Yeh – OneNewsNow California correspondent

A family activist says it’s no surprise that a California LGBT super PAC wants another term of President Barack Obama.

Trending groups known as super political action committees (PACs), which came about in 2010, are able to raise unlimited monies for political causes. One was recently created to get President Obama re-elected in November. The San Francisco Chronicle reports that Pride-LGBT, a newly formed San Francisco-based super PAC, will seek to reach the lesbian, “gay,” bisexual, and transgender community through social media platforms on behalf of Obama. The group’s founder, Marcus Lovingood, says that demographic is “so incredibly strong” that if empowered more, it will be “engaged and work together on a larger scale.”

Randy ThomassonRandy Thomasson of is not surprised.

“He has done everything [for the LGBT community] except [give them] the word ‘marriage,’ but he is threatening inside to go with that in the future,” Thomasson offers. “And so it’s no surprise whatsoever that the homosexual, bisexual, transsexual activists have said Let’s raise money for Barack Obama. He’s our guy. He does our values. Well, that’s certainly true.”

Lovingood also told the Chronicle that the LGBT community could really change the outcome of the election in November, adding that President Obama has done more for those individuals in the past four years than any president has done in 25 years.

The group wants to increase voter registration and grassroots efforts, and it hopes to raise $1 million by June.