Poll Watching and Election Fraud

The Republican Renaissance Group (RRG) is looking for good people who are willing to be trained to protect the integrity of the voting process.

If you suspect any cheating at the polls in your district, and you are interested in helping to police the potential problem, this is a great opportunity for you.  The RRG will be in a high profile district in the City of Chicago during the March 20th primary with 200 volunteer poll watchers.  They hope this will serve two purposes.

  1. stop the cheating in this high profile primary on March 20th
  2. train people to become poll watchers & trainers

You will come away with the knowledge in poll watching to train others and stop nefarious campaigns from stealing the election from the voters! Hotel, meals and excellent training will be provided from seasoned election attorneys.  

Here is the game plan: You will arrive the afternoon before the primary (March 19th).  We will share a meal together and get completely trained at the hotel the night before.  You will be given all of the training and tools you need to be, and to train, effective poll watchers.

The morning of March 20th,  vans  will take you to your destination.  All day long we will have attorneys floating throughout the district in the vans to respond to any calls that poll watchers make to them.  We will provide lunches.

We will also provide a debriefing at the hotel after the polls close, and will provide a second night at the hotel for those who want to stay and drive home the following day.

Personal safety is not an issue in this district.  The neighborhoods are well kept and have very decent people living there.  It is however, a high profile race and will be  GREAT TRAINING GROUNDS for the November and future elections.

Carol Davis is organizing the “Team 200” volunteer program.  We have some excellent attorneys organizing the attorney team. We have several others working on the details and logistics.  We just need your people to make this a two phase success.  Please Jim or Carol as soon as you for more information about volunteering for March 19 and 20.