Irresponsible Political Leadership

In an attempt to bring the Illinois budget in line with state revenues, Governor Quinn recently announced spending cuts of 1.4 billion. There has been much handwringing about the cuts to education, healthcare and social services – arguably, there are legitimate concerns about cutting services and programs.

Call me cynical, but I think it is far too easy for politicians to play upon the sympathies and fears of the public while calling for a tax increase instead of doing the hard work of cutting government waste and bloat.  A quick look at some of this year’s budget allocations and I think you will agree:  our current state lawmakers are disconnected with reality.

In the face of deep cuts for education, health care, human services and public safety how can they justify spending $6 million taxpayer dollars for the Museum of Broadcast Communication in Chicago?  Or $100 million to study and promote a 3rd Chicago area airport in Peotone and another $175 million to purchase private land for an airport the FAA has not even sanctioned?  What about $104, 271 for The Nature Conservancy, or $71,579 for the Chicago Horticultural Society, and $60,198 for the Missouri Botanical Garden?  Do we really want $475,000 of our hard-earned tax dollars going to provide programs for homosexual and transgender senior citizens?

That’s the tip of the iceberg.

In addition to unrestrained spending and a time when many Illinois households are scaling back their family budgets, Gov. Quinn handed out an average of 11.4 percent raise to 35 members of his staff and another 40,000 state employees will be getting a 14 percent raise.  When have you had a raise like that?

Enough is enough. Illinois needs responsible leaders who don’t exploit taxpayers.

Illinois citizens need to remember how irresponsible our political leaders have been on Election Day.

David E. Smith, Executive Director

Illinois Family Action