Chicago Young “Republicans” — Disappointing

It was brought to my attention that the Chicago Young Republicans (CYR), or at least a good number of the members of CYR, proudly marched in the Chicago “Gay Pride” parade this past Sunday — along with the Log Cabin Republicans. Pictures from their participation are on display on the front page of the CYR website.

Ironically, if one were to visit this website and navigate over to the FAQ section, you can find the following question and answer:

Q:  Does your club follow a particular “wing” of the Republican Party? What is your specific ideology?

A:  Our club supports and advances the platform of the Republican Party. However, the specific political ideologies of our club members is as diverse as the various ideologies within the Republican Party. The one thing our members do share is a passion for Republican politics, and a desire to advance the platform in a positive and professional manner.[Emphasis added]

This may come as a surprise to some of the CYRs, but homosexual activists, by way of their agenda and, of which the “Gay Pride” parade celebrates, are unapologetically attempting to advance extreme liberal policies that radically alter the institutions of marriage and family, and redefine and marginalize Judeo-Christian traditions (and western cultural values in general).

Moreover, the Republican Party Platform — of which the CYRs claim to support and advance — unequivocally embraces pro-life, pro-family, and pro-marriage values; while, the homosexual agenda is wholeheartedly pro-abortion, pro-counterfeit “marriage” (read same-sex), advocates special “rights” for homosexuals, and is openly hostile to traditional Judeo-Christian values.

Unfortunately, the CYRs who marched in the perversion parade have bought the politically correct lie that asserts that one’s perceived sexual orientation is a civil right. As a result, they are unwittingly promoting liberal ideas, values and candidates who will undermine the foundation of values and institutions — specifically marriage — which undergird all of American society.

The CYRs (and every so-called “conservative” that embraces the extremist gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender agenda) are displaying nothing but dismissive scorn for the truth about volitional homosexual behavior, the Republican platform, middle-American, and the conservative values embraced by the majority of Illinois Republicans.

Methinks they should change their name to Chicago Young RINOs or perhaps move to another political party.  Both the Green and the Democrat Parties embrace these extreme liberal values.