Can We Count On Your Support?

Written by David E. Smith

Our Christian values, common sense, and most basic freedoms have been under severe and growing attack for years, but perhaps never as intensely as the past few years. From pro-life prayer warriors to students to pastors to the those employed in secular businesses, no one has been safe from attacks by the apostles of wokeism, federal agencies of the Biden administration, and other aggressive opponents of orthodox Christianity and western culture.

Now left-wing militants are stepping up their assault in Illinois—and that’s why Illinois Family Action (IFA) needs your help as we continue to defend conservative values and expose the agenda of leftist candidates in 2023.

IFA, along with our sister organization Illinois Family Institute (IFI), are the only full-time, pro-family organizations at work in the public square in this state, but we can’t do it without your support.

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Regarding the sanctity of human life, the U.S. Supreme Court decision in Dobbs v. Jackson is already saving thousands of lives each month. Tragically, leftists have made Illinois and other deep blue states abortion hubs. Illinois Democrats have already removed all protections for the unborn by repealing the Parental Notice of Abortion law. Now, they want physician assistants, nurses, and midwives, along with other healthcare personnel, to be able to legally commit abortions in Illinois in order to accommodate the flood of women coming across state lines. And they want to elevate the so-called “right” to abortion with an amendment to the Illinois State Constitution.

You may remember that back in the 90’s when “progressives” like Bill Clinton wanted abortion to be “safe, legal and rare.” Not anymore. Now Democrats cheerlead abortion and defend this heinous “choice” of death even up until the day of birth for any or no reason. They also demand that this so-called “healthcare” be paid for by taxpayers.

The extremism of the Democrat Party permeates virtually every aspect of public policy. For example, while leftists claim they are passionately committed to the rule of law, they turn a blind eye to the open southern border even as thousands of illegal aliens from Mexico, Central and South America, and countries around the world invade small border towns like El Paso, Texas. One of President Joe Biden‘s first efforts after assuming office was to stop the construction of a border wall and reverse every policy that would secure our southern border. As Laurie Higgins pointed out in a recent article,

They don’t care about either the Americans who live on the border or the illegals who are raped and killed making their way into America, incentivized to do so by the president.

These immigrants are not being screened for health issues or criminal records. We do not know if they are committed to the freedoms guaranteed to us in the U.S. Constitution or if they embrace a socialist worldview. How many anti-God, anti-family, and anti-capitalist Marxists are flooding in? How many violent MS-13 gang members? How many radical Jihadists?

And then there is the leftist agenda regarding sexual confusion and deviance. The LGBTQIA+ lobby is large, vocal, active, and well-funded. The Human Rights Campaign is located in Washington D.C. and lobbies Congress for their queer agenda fulltime. Equality Illinois does the same in Springfield. The Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network (GLSEN) is dedicated solely to using government schools to corrupt K-12 students. And the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) focuses on using media, including Hollywood, to indoctrinate Americans. Again, Laurie Higgins recently pointed out:

And leftists are leading the insane charge to force all of society to pretend males can be females and vice versa. Leftists want anyone who refuses to play along with the “trans” nonsense to be fired from their jobs. Leftists support the mutilation of children. And leftists want to rob parents of the right to protect the bodies and minds of their own children.

Please know that the staff at IFI and IFA care deeply about our culture, what is being taught in our government schools to our children, what is being promoted in pop culture, and especially the laws that are being passed in Springfield and Washington D.C., normalizing, applauding, and authorizing sin. As Laurie Higgins wrote about our work,

We care deeply about the needs and rights of children and their parents. We care about our constitutional rights, respect for law, and the limits of government—all of which are threatened in ways only science fiction writers could have imagined a decade ago. As our constitutional rights erode, respect for law diminishes, and big government grows to colossal proportions, so too does human suffering grow.

Human suffering grows. The agenda and policies advanced by the radical left only increase pain, suffering, dysfunction, family breakdown, death, disease, disabilities, addictions, poverty, and crime. Leftists would never admit this, but their policies are intended to nurture dependence on big government. They want to grow the nanny state and push out any semblance of faith that would acknowledge that our rights and responsibilities are given to us by Almighty God–the God of the Bible.

We cannot ignore how the left is dedicated to intentionally making apostles of wokeism. Yet, Christians are called to make disciples of Jesus Christ. Leftists are working to make government the ultimate authority on life in the United States, replacing the fear of God with the fear of man. As they foster a larger nanny state, they also increase the tyranny of the state. As government authority grows, our individual liberties diminish.

Your financial gifts to our work are investments in upholding our mission “to boldly bring biblical perspectives to the public square” in Illinois. We are grateful for the freedoms and political tools still available to us in 2022 and going into 2023. Praise God that we can still exercise our God-given rights to petition our government, to speak freely and exercise our faith in the public square. We are grateful that IFA can serve as a fearless voice of faith and reason in difficult times.

Thank you in advance for your help and support of our work, and again thank you to those who have already given so generously!

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