The Left’s Heart of Darkness

A great post from Bruce Walker at Here’s an excerpt:

Conservatives sometimes get too distracted by dollars and deficits and debt. These matter, of course — they matter a great deal in political life. But the deconstruction of the American economy is a consequence, not a cause, of our fundamental problem, which is moral.

The road back requires first of all that politicians who are asked to cure social problems be allowed to tell the truth about why these problems exist. The values given us from above are beyond the reach of leftist pygmies, and the laws prescribed for us by God have definite and absolute consequences which ripple throughout our lives and the lives we touch.

Most of us secretly know that the hedonistic and atheistic system foisted upon our culture by leftist bosses is a suicide pill. Let us hope — better, let us pray — that those men and women who carry the banner of conservatism into political combat have the courage to speak that too often unspoken truth.

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