“CIVIL UNIONS” is bad public policy

Same-Sex Civil Union IS Same-Sex “Marriage”! —  Don’t be fooled!

Section 10 of the bill that passed the Illinois General Assembly states that any partner in a civil union shall be legally considered a “spouse” and “family.”  It isn’t just conjecture to say that the proponents of this radical legislation are attempting to redefine the very meaning of marriage and family.

Moreover, the “civil unions” bill says:

“This Act shall be liberally construed and applied to promote its underlying purpose, which is to provide both eligible same-sex and opposite-sex couples the opportunity to obtain the same protection, benefits, and responsibilities afforded by the laws of Illinois to parties to a marriage.”

A “civil union” is same-sex “marriage” under a different name.

The State’s #1 Interest in Marriage – Children
• Marriage is recognized—not created—by the state as both a personal relationship and an institution.
• The government has legitimately defined marriage as an institution and has limited its membership in accordance with that definition.
• The state recognizes that marriage is centrally concerned about children and their connection to their biological parents. The state and society understand that children are emotionally, morally, practically, and legally affiliated with both of the parents. It is because of children that the state has an interest.

Marriage is not a civil right
• Civil rights are very specific rights that are accorded to individuals because of their status as humans.  These rights are based on universal characteristics, not on feelings, desires, “orientations,” or volitional conduct. Marriage is an institution recognized- not created- by the state.
• Our civil rights are:  freedom of religion; freedom of speech; freedom of press; freedom of assembly; the right to vote; the right to life; freedom from involuntary servitude; the right to equality in public places; the right to due process of law; the right to equal protection under the law.

Marital requirements DO NOT violate civil rights
• Every individual who fulfills the requirements or conditions that society has deemed essential to the institution of marriage has equal access to marriage.
• Homosexuals are demanding that society eliminate one of the conditions central to marriage: sexual diversity.
• Similarly, polyamorous people who love more than one person cannot redefine marriage by eliminating the criterion of numbers of partners.
• Incestuous couples cannot redefine marriage by eliminating the criterion regarding close blood kinship.
• Those who believe they are in love with minors cannot eliminate the criterion of minimum age.

None of these groups of people are being denied their civil rights even though they cannot get married. They are being prevented from unilaterally redefining the requirements of marriage which is a public institution that affects the civic good.

Laws that ban “same-sex marriage” are NOT equivalent to laws that banned interracial marriage because “sexual orientation” is not equivalent to race.
• Laws banning interracial marriages were based on the erroneous belief that whites and blacks are by nature different, when, in fact, whites and blacks are not by nature different.
• Laws that permit only heterosexual marriages are based on the true belief that men and women are by nature different.
• A law that prohibits homosexual marriage is legitimate because it is based not on who the person is but rather on what he seeks to do. Any man may engage in the act of marrying a woman (if she is of age and not closely related by blood).

Public Schools Will have a Duty to Normalize Homosexuality

• With the passage of homosexual “marriage,” every public school in Illinois will be free to teach that homosexuality is morally equivalent to natural marriage between a man and a woman.

• In 2006 a Massachusetts federal court ruled that because homosexual “marriage” is legal in Massachusetts, the school actually had a duty to normalize homosexual relationships to children and that schools have no obligation to notify parents or let them opt-out their children.

Ultimate Goal – Same-Sex “Marriage”

“We are using the civil union bill as a foundation to go for equal marriage…That is exactly what we want!” said homosexual lobbyist Rick Garcia at a Joliet rally last year.

At a forum on same-sex marriage at the Chicago History Museum on September 14th, lesbian State Representative Deb Mell (D-Chicago) said that she was confident they have the votes to pass a civil unions bill.

“Gov. Quinn believes that gay and lesbian couples are entitled to the same benefits as heterosexual couples..” ~Quinn campaign spokesperson Mica Matsoff  as reported by the State Journal Register newspaper. “There is a bill in the legislature… and Gov. Quinn looks forward to signing it.”


This essential, organic, cultural institution of marriage that is recognized—not created— by the state must be preserved as the union between one man and one woman only.  Counterfeit marriage (“civil unions”) is the Trojan horse that will usher in the destruction of marriage and the natural family.

As the Illinois General Assembly considers homosexual “marriage” legislation, voters of our state must understand the wisdom and urgency of protecting the time-honored institution of marriage and say YES to the time tested union of one man and one woman who are knitted together physically, spiritually and emotionally through God-ordained marriage.