“Things You Don’t Hear About Gender Dysphoria” (Spotlight #074)

Laurie Higgins joins David Smith on this edition of Illinois Family Spotlight. Laurie is the Illinois Family Institute’s Cultural Affairs Writer.

They discuss transgender issues and gender dysphoria, including the requirements to be a transgender person, co-ed restrooms and locker rooms, the emotional toll taken on kids who witness transgender children in their schools and people who have been sexually molested, and transgender birth certificates. Also, one of Laurie’s recent articles.

Some conservatives are buying into “transgenderism,” but as Laurie Higgins points out: “Being castrated doesn’t turn a man into a woman. Having a double mastectomy doesn’t turn a woman into a man.” She added:

Our biological sex matters, or it doesn’t. If it doesn’t matter, then there is no reason for ever having had separate restrooms for men and women. If biological sex doesn’t matter, why have we every had these private spaces?”

Dave and Laurie also discuss the ludicrousness of transgender birth certificates (read Laurie’s article here). On that topic, Higgins asks the simple but mostly ignored question: “What does that do to public decency laws?”

In her article, “Things You Don’t Hear About Gender Dysphoria,” Laurie demonstrates again the importance of her cultural analysis not just for Illinois but for the nation. The discussion includes the topic of the “detransitioning” movement:

Detransitioners are men and women of diverse ages who regret having taken cross-sex hormones and amputated healthy body parts. Many have come to understand the cause or causes of their gender dysphoria and feel sorrow over the irreversible damage they have done to their bodies. Their stories, easily available online, are painful to hear.

Do you know the difference between “puberty blockers” and “cross sex hormones”? Did you know that sterility is a potential side affect?

This podcast is important and informative about the ongoing efforts to normalize what are “profoundly unnatural” procedures.

Illinois Family Spotlight
Illinois Family Spotlight
"Things You Don't Hear About Gender Dysphoria" (Spotlight #074)