“Getting Off the Fence” (Illinois Family Spotlight #095)

Monte Larrick and Dave Smith sat down with Reverend Dr. Joey Krol, Dr. Krol is an author and the senior pastor of Galilee Baptist Church in Decatur. He is also the morning host at WLUJ, a christian radio station in Springfield.

They discuss pastors getting their churches to speak up and get involved in politics, the role prayer plays in our nation’s spiritual health, giving President Trump a pass on his past behavior, religious liberty and increasing government pressure on churches.

Joey’s books At the King’s Feet and Common Misunderstandings about God, Jesus and the Bible can be found on Amazon here.

Dave opened by raising the issue of pastors needing to get off of the fence and address issues that are moral, not just political. Too many churches are afraid to get involved for fear of offending those in the pews. Joey responded, “If your butt hurts get off the fence…if the church will not speak up, who will?”

Monte asked how pastors can take on those issues without driving people who may disagree politically out of the church. Joey explained that you have to go back to the Gospel — people hated Jesus and wanted to kill him, so controversy arising after speaking the truth shouldn’t surprise us.

Monte raised the challenge for parents of children who are being indoctrinated in schools and through culture. Dave brought up the fact that it is the responsibility of parents to teach their children as addressed in Deuteronomy chapter 6.

The three men discussed the need for voting and praying about voting. Since self-government is a gift from God, we all have a duty to pray for our elected officials, even those whose policies are different than our own. They touched upon the possibility that Vice President Mike Pence may be having a positive impact on President Donald Trump. They closed with a conservation about the importance of religious liberty and the support that President Trump is showing so far for the cause of religious liberty.

Illinois Family Spotlight
Illinois Family Spotlight
"Getting Off the Fence" (Illinois Family Spotlight #095)