Strange Bedfellows: How Trump and #NeverTrump Defeated Long Overdue Reform Of The RNC

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Written by the staff of Conservative HQ.

The most misunderstood and misreported story of the 2016 Republican National Convention is undoubtedly the Monday floor fight over whether or not there would be a roll call vote on the new Rules for the Republican National Committee.

Most of the media, and many if not most Trump delegates, seem convinced that the fight was all about “unbinding” delegates bound to vote for Trump by virtue of his primary vote.

The reality is that the impetus behind the efforts of Virginia’s National Committeeman Morton Blackwell and former Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli had nothing to do with the #NeverTrump effort to “unbind” delegates bound to Donald Trump – it was all about reforms to the Rules to return control of the RNC back to the state party organizations and grassroots Republican precinct officials that Blackwell has been working on for years.… Continue Reading

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