Pritzker, Schakowksy and Cassidy Host Drag Queen Election Event

Written by Laurie Higgins

What is wrong with Illinoisans? Why do they continue to elect leaders who spit in the faces of all decent Illinoisans? Chicago is a hellscape of crime, fiscal mismanagement, failing schools, and sexual depravity, and the people who control both Chicago and Springfield continue to pursue the same ruinous policies that have made Illinois the laughingstock of the nation and led to a mass exodus of good people. And how do Democrats respond? They mock decent Illinoisans and throw a “DRAG ‘EM TO THE POLLS GOTV RALLY & DRAG SHOW” at one of Chicago’s oldest drag clubs, The Baton Show Lounge.

Decades ago, such a place would have been frequented by only perverts who were ashamed of their perverse hobbies. No one running for an elected office at any level would have wanted to be seen in a seedy place like The Baton Show Lounge. But that was then. This is now.

Now we elect people with perverse sensibilities and no shame to lead the once great city of Chicago in the once great state of Illinois. On Tuesday, Nov. 1, creepy swampsters like Jan Schakowsky (U.S. Rep. 9th Dist.), lesbian Kelly Cassidy (State Rep. 14th Dist.), Sarah Feigenholtz (State Sen. 13th Dist.), Laura Fine (State Sen. 9th Dist.), Jennifer Gong-Gershowitz (State Rep. 17th Dist.), homosexual Greg Harris (State Rep. 13th Dist.), Mike Simmons (State Sen. 7th Dist.), and Ann Williams (State Rep. 11th Dist.) urged Illinoisans to attend a campaign event where the “entertainment” was lip-syncing, cross-dressing men in woman-face.

And they promised “SURPRISE GUESTS!” Was it really a surprise that Illinois’ premier promoter and funder of all things “trans,” would show up at a drag club event to stump for his equally incompetent colleagues? Yep, J.B. Pritzker showed up to rally creepy people to vote for other creepy people, because Dems haven’t had quite enough time to complete their project of making Illinois unlivable.

Give Dems another few years, and all that will remain in Illinois will be shuttered businesses, blighted neighborhoods, and the corpses of the babies Dems have slaughtered.

After the perverse event, the adolescent Cassidy tagged Ann Williams in a Facebook comment, saying “omg. There’s a new bar set for GOTV rallies baby.”

Truer words were never spoken. Pritzker, Cassidy, Schakowsky et al. have slammed the bar down on the grimy floor of The Baton Show Lounge. They’ll have to go subterranean for the General Election.

David Kogan commented, “I’ve seen a lot of rallyes [sic] but I’ve never seen anything like Jan up on that stage, dancing, with her husband throwing dollar bills at her.”

Now, there’s a fitting image for Dems.

Remember that image and these images (and this one) from prior Baton Show Lounge performances when you go to your polling places on Tuesday: