With GOP Leaders Like Greg Hart, Babies & Families Don’t Need Enemies

Written by Laurie Higgins

Greg Hart is a Republican member of the DuPage County Board who hopes to become the next board chair. In a slick and startling campaign video (see below), Hart obscenely used his visibly pregnant wife to make the case for his election as a pro-choice GOP candidate. You read that right. Greg Hart wants residents of DuPage County—the second largest county in Illinois—to know that he fully supports the legal right of his wife to have had the “choice” to kill their living “son” (Hart’s term). For those all in a dither that I dare refer to his wife and child, please note that Hart has chosen to use them again and again in his campaign.

A recent campaign mailer paid for the by Illinois Republican Party—which means you, conservative donors to the GOP—in support of a Hart who rejects essential planks in the Republican Party platform has generated justifiable anger among conservatives. As with the campaign video, Hart uses his wife Alex to boast about his human-killing bona fides:

My husband is a different kind of candidate. He’s a moderate who will reject political extremes. As DuPage County Chair, Greg will always protect women’s rights and never restrict our right to choose. (emphasis Hart’s)

If Alex Hart and her hubby are so proud of their position on legalized killing as to create a mailer to proclaim it, why the euphemistic language? Why not say in plain English what they want women to be allowed to choose?

Is Hart a “different kind of candidate”? Hasn’t Illinois suffered from “moderate”—aka RINOs—GOP leaders for decades? (Isn’t the principled GOP gubernatorial candidate Darren Bailey the “different kind of candidate” Illinois desperately needs?) In what specific way is support for the legal right of women to off their offspring “moderate”?

On a September 20 Facebook post, Hart expressed his passionate opposition to “bickering”:

Like you, I’m disgusted with partisanship and the constant bickering between parties. My pledge is to work with anyone to make sure that DuPage is the best county in Illinois to live, work, and raise a family.

Hart isn’t disgusted with the killing of thousands of innocent sons and daughters in their mothers’ wombs every year. He’s not disgusted with Illinois having become the bloody killing field of the Midwest. No, in a sanctimonious bit of virtue-signaling, he tells voters that he’s disgusted with bickering—oh, and “partisanship,” by which he means having principles to which one is implacably committed.

The “best” county in which to raise a family is not one in which political leaders support the legal choice to have innocent humans killed.

It is worth noting that former Illinois governor and RINO Jim Edgar endorsed Hart, saying,

With the nation as divided as it is, and politicians taking such extreme positions, on the left and right, Greg gives me hope that there are still leaders who know how to accomplish great things in government for the people.

And here I thought the legalized slaughter of the unborn—something Hart and his wife heartily affirm—was an extreme position. In fact, as recently as 2018, chameleon Hart responded to a survey from Illinois Right to Life Action that he opposed the legal right of women to choose to have their sons and daughters killed in their wombs. Was Hart lying then, or has he devolved?

How is it non-partisan or “moderate” for a GOP leader to advocate “progressive” positions on controversial issues in defiance of his own party? What would Hart think about a GOP leader who advocated “progressive” views on defunding the police or climate change in opposition to the Republican Party platform? Would such views unite the party or divide it? Might such views lead to bickering?

It’s not just Hart’s views on the nature of the unborn and the ethics of killing them that are antithetical to the Republican Party Platform and morality. We can confidently assume Hart supports the legal redefinition of marriage to include intrinsically non-marital unions because he posted this surprising photo of himself and his wife on his Facebook page on June 26, 2015—the day the disastrous Obergefell decision was announced:

And then there’s this DuPage County Board photo of him recognizing “pride” month:

Chairman Dan Cronin joined County Board members Pete DiCianni & Greg Hart in recognizing LGBTQ Pride Month & presenting a proclamation to Margaret Donahue with PFLAG DuPage & Stephen Kossak with Naper Pride.

On July 2, 2020, when America was besieged by wokesters destroying cities, and parents on the right and left were awakening to the poisoning of taxpayer-funded public schools with critical race theory, the Kinzinger/Cheney-wannabe Hart posted this:

On Tuesday, I participated in the DuPage County Board Complete Count Committee. … We discussed how to further advance diversity and #inclusion in our county not just with words, but with action. (emphasis mine)

Yikes. Haven’t wokesters done enough damage in Illinois and throughout the country by advancing bigotry under the banner of “diversity” and “#inclusion.”

Despite what RINOs tell you, the reductively called “social issues” are among the most important issues. And the failure of GOP leadership to understand this ensures the weakening (that is, abandonment of principles) of the party on these essential issues, which, in turn, contributes to the unraveling of America.

Hart is a co-owner and senior managing consultant for the management consulting firm Point B that pats itself on the back for its “Expertise” in, among other things, “Activat[ing] a Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Strategy.” Point B also purports to help companies nimbly adapt, manage, organize, strategize, articulate, defend, promote, translate, execute, align, achieve, enable, aspire, define, create, deliver, provide, plan, clarify, innovate, partner, collaborate, deliver, start, stop, pivot, accelerate, test, learn, adjust, sustain, build, fine-tune, evaluate, choose, instill, maximize, and optimize stuff.

Let’s send Hart back to his company to do all that very important stuff.

Hart and his wife are good-looking and personable. He seems to be a master of retail politicking—you know, going everywhere, smiling, and pressing the flesh (unlike, for example, Dick Durbin whose constituents haven’t seen hide nor hair of him for decades). But good looks and charm are dangerous in the hands of ideological turncoats and fools like Hart.

For those now confused on how to vote in the upcoming election, Princeton law professor Robert P. George has some sage advice:

The partisans of abortion and marriage redefinition have a lock on the Democratic Party now. Effective dissent of any type is not possible. Having gained that lock on one party, they are now turning their resources and attention to weakening the pro-life and pro-marriage reality witness of the Republican Party…. I can think of no more urgent priority than preventing that from happening. Maintaining and solidifying the pro-life and pro-marriage reality stance of the Republican Party is critical. That’s why tactical voting, including voting for bad Democrats over bad Republicans, is IN CERTAIN CIRCUMSTANCES (e.g., where the election of a Democrat does not jeopardize Republican control of a legislative house), morally legitimate and perhaps even advisable. We must not let the pro-abortion and pro-marriage redefinition movements strengthen their positions in the Republican Party. 

Men and women like Hart are the leaven that will putrefy the GOP. The more fools like Hart that get elected, the more corrupt the GOP becomes. Republicans should use their votes as their voices to send a message to GOP leaders that conservatives will thwart the election of candidates who support the legal right to choose death for the unborn and who support the culture-killing normalization of sexual perversity that is so grievously harming children and families.