The GOP’s Chance to Undo the Damage Done by RINOs and Leftists

Written by Laurie Higgins

It is not too early to strategize both the 2022 midterm elections and the 2024 presidential election. In recent decades, both the country and the GOP have been damaged by the failure of too many Republicans to think big picture and long run. More important, the GOP, led by RINOs, has failed by forsaking what are reductively and ignorantly called the “social issues.” For years, the GOP allowed what has come to be called “establishment” Republicans to persuade, deceive, intimidate, and corrupt the party into sacrificing the soul of the GOP for a mess of pottage.

Conservatives who knew that no country should sacrifice babies, marriage, faith, and sexual continence on the altar of lower tax rates and electoral politics were mocked into silence or dismissed as squeaky wheels used for toting turnip trucks. Now is the cultural moment to change that.

President Donald J. Trump, almost singlehandedly, succeeded in exposing the dark, viperish nature of the Democrat Party, establishment press, Big Tech, and Big Business and the equally dark, viperish nature of the de facto collusion among all four.

The nature and extent of the dystopian plans of “progressives” to dismantle American institutions, foundational rights, the church, and the family via artificially manufactured racial division and sexual anarchy, aided and abetted by the collusion of every power center captured while Republicans fretted about tax rates, should be clear now.

The edges of the vulnerable gangrenous underbelly of “progressivism” can now too be seen. The GOP has an opportunity to lance those festering underbellies and start the process of disinfecting the public square of the mess RINOs and Democrats have created. No more social distancing from the “social” issues.

And the doctors are in the house. More literally, they’re in the U.S. Senate. And with impassioned, tenacious, perseverant support, they can right the ship that RINOs have steered aground. The political doctors that RINOs and leftists most fear are U.S. Senators Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley—both brilliant and brave. Joining them from outside the beltway is Ron DeSantis. If you want to know who RINOs and leftists fear, just watch who they most ferociously attack.

On Sunday, The Hill published an article outlining the challenge posed to the GOP moving forward:

Republicans wrestling over the future of the party are debating whether to embrace the culture wars that helped former President Trump cement his popularity with the GOP base. … The internal rift, which involves congressional leaders and potential 2024 presidential contenders, comes as Republicans … plot their strategy to win back the House and Senate in the 2022 midterms. While some in the GOP are eager to double down on Trump’s brand of populism, others argue the party needs to return to its roots.

The Hill cites Republican strategist Vin Weber who, demonstrating RINO sophistry and a very short memory, recasts RINO views as the historic position of the GOP:

“I think that the long-term future of the Republican Party requires it to be some version of the traditional Republican Party: strong on national security, low taxes, limited government, limited regulation and in the broadest sense of the word, pro-business.”

Casting the traditional roots of the GOP as excluding “social” issues is traditional only if “tradition” ignores both the GOP Party platform and politics prior to about 1990. If memory serves correctly, the “traditional” Republican Party took on big-time a previous “social” issue: the abolition of slavery.

The panties of so-called “traditionalists” are in a twist not only because of conservative willingness to take on social issues but also because conservatives are willing to take on “woke” corporations that have been of late gaslighting Americans.

The Hill shared Cruz’s and Hawley’s rejection of corrosive corporate money:

“Starting today, I no longer accept money from any corporate PAC. I urge my GOP colleagues to do the same. For too long, Republicans have allowed the left & their big-business allies to attack our values & ship jobs overseas with no response. No more,” Cruz tweeted on Wednesday.

That prompted an enthusiastic response from Hawley, who retweeted Cruz the following day.

“Yes! Corporate America has put Americans last. They ship our jobs to China, mock middle America’s way of life, try to control our speech and run our lives,” Hawley wrote. “It’s time we stood up to them. I won’t take corporate PAC donations & I’ll fight to break up their monopoly power.”

Rutgers University political science professor Ross K. Baker critiques such a shift:

“It’s repudiating a segment of the American economy and the American electorate that has traditionally been very loyal to the Republicans. It’s an amazing example of ideological shapeshifting to wage war along cultural lines.”

What Baker didn’t critique in The Hill article is the ideological shapeshifting and concomitant cultural oppression that has taken place in and by corporate America and to which conservatives are responding.

Soulless, fake-woke corporations promote leftist views on social issues, fire employees based on their moral views, and hypocritically and sanctimoniously punish conservative states, falsely accusing them of engaging in civil rights violations, all the while doing business in and with countries that engage in grotesque human rights violations.

Since 2008, I have been advocating that when faced with the choice between a RINO and a Democrat in non-critical races, conservatives should vote for the Democrat in order to use their culturally waning power to send a message to the GOP that they will lose races if they continue to spit in the faces of conservatives, and to prevent further corruption of the GOP. Then in 2014 conservative Princeton University law professor Robert P. George advocated the same strategy in regard to a California congressional race.

Residents of California’s 52nd Congressional District were confronted with the choice between Democratic incumbent Scott Peters and Republican challenger Carl DeMaio, whom the GOP establishment vigorously supported. Not only is DeMaio openly homosexual—which was no problem for U.S. House Speaker John Boehner who campaigned for him—but he also supports “freedom of choice and has a 100 percent voting record on LGBT issues.”

A few weeks before the 2014 mid-term election, Robert George made these comments about the California race, comments that are equally applicable to any races with RINO candidates, including Illinois races:

If I were in the district, I could not in conscience vote for the Republican. His election would do greater harm to the causes of life, marriage, and religious liberty than would the election of his Democratic opponent, as bad as that guy himself is on these issues. The question is whether to abstain or to cast a tactical vote in favor of the Democrat. In circumstances like these, I believe that tactical voting is morally permissible, and it would improve the likelihood of the least bad outcome. … Abstaining is morally permissible too.

The partisans of abortion and marriage redefinition have a lock on the Democratic Party now. Effective dissent of any type is not possible. Having gained that lock on one party, they are now turning their resources and attention to weakening the pro-life and pro-marriage reality witness of the Republican Party. … I can think of no more urgent priority than preventing that from happening. Maintaining and solidifying the pro-life and pro-marriage reality stance of the Republican Party is critical. That’s why tactical voting, including voting for bad Democrats over bad Republicans, is IN CERTAIN CIRCUMSTANCES (e.g., where the election of a Democrat does not jeopardize Republican control of a legislative house), morally legitimate and perhaps even advisable. We must not let the pro-abortion and pro-marriage redefinition movements strengthen their positions in the Republican Party. We must make the Republican Party as solid for life and marriage as the Democrats now are for the contrary positions.

And this statement was made before the “trans”-cult had really made its move to “trans”-form America.

DeMaio lost, but thanks to the support of the GOP, he lost by just a hair three days after the election.

RINOs are ignorant of the importance of the “social” issues and devoid of the virtue of moral courage, so they remain pridefully and intransigently invested in wallowing in their own ignorance.

The “social” issues are far more important than tax rates, climate policy, and government regulation. There is no greater threat to the family and to First Amendment protections of speech, assembly, and the free exercise of religion than homosexual and “trans” activism—activism that emasculated RINOs/establishment Republicans fear to publicly challenge.

And without healthy families and the First Amendment, America is a goner.

Be girded for this battle. RINOs do not take kindly to attempts to restore moral sanity to the GOP. They’ve enjoyed too many years of having their deep pockets lined with corporate greenbacks to risk less bulging pockets or loss of position. They will use every unethical and nasty means at their disposal to marginalize those who know the “social” issues are essential to the future of America.

Just tell those RINOs what they have told conservatives for decades: Command them for the good of the party to “hold their noses” and support Hawley, Cruz, DeSantis, and every other whip-smart, wise, and courageous Republican willing to stand against morally vacuous corporate America; Big Tech tyrants; lobbyists for sexual chaos; and colorless and colorful snake-oil salespersons marketing racism as anti-racism for fun and profit.

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