SPOTLIGHT: Laurie Higgins on Government School Indoctrination

Written by David E. Smith

According to Laurie Higgins, public schools in Illinois are too far gone – no Christian parent should subject their children to the indoctrination curricula that is being forced on our state’s K-12 students. Laurie was speaking as a featured guest of Janet Parshall on her radio program, In the Market with Janet Parshall, where they discussed the tsunami of radically liberal, pro-LGBTQ and anti-Christian laws and teaching “standards” that are inundating our tax payer-supported public school classrooms.

Janet and Laurie also consider what Christians must be prepared to do in the current climate of hate and how best to counter the flawed reasoning of those who oppose our Christian worldview.

Laurie Higgins is the cultural affairs writer for IFI. Her on point assessments of current issues and developments can be found at

Janet Parshall is the host of her nationally syndicated radio program; she is also a popular public speaker, author and family advocate.

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