Collusion of the Press and Democrats to Interfere with Election Erodes Liberty

Written by Laurie Higgins

The mainstream press successfully colluded with the Democrat Party to interfere with the election by burying the Joe Biden/Communist China corruption story. New polling shows that prior to the election, 36% of Biden voters had not heard that “evidence exists in emails, texts, eyewitness testimony and banking transactions that the FBI has been investigating since last year directly linking Joe Biden to a corrupt financial arrangement between a Chinese company with connections to the Chinese communist party and Hunter Biden’s business … may have personally benefitted Joe Biden financially.”

In addition, of that 36 percent, 4.6 percent “say they would not have voted for Biden if they had been properly informed.” That is more than enough to have cost Biden the election. Take away the fraudulent votes that resulted from Hammering, Scorecarding, ballot-harvesting, zombie-voting, and post-deadline-voting, and Trump would have won handily.

Nope, according to the mainstream press, there was no story hiding in plain sight on Hunter Biden’s colorful laptop. No story in the firsthand account by Hunter and Joe Biden’s former business partner, Tony Bobulinski, who said on the record on television that presumed President-Elect Joe Biden lied to the public when he said he never talked with Hunter Biden about his influence-peddling business. Bobulinski knows that because Hunter admitted it in an email to him that Bobulinski has provided to the FBI and because Bobulinski was in a business meeting that included the reliably unreliable Joe Biden.

Does anyone believe that if the names in the laptop story were Eric Trump and Donald J. Trump the press would have dismissed the story as a non-story and refused to investigate and report on it?

Does anyone believe that if Trump had had the brain glitches Biden has had over the past year, the press would have remained so curiously incurious?

Does anyone believe that the Biden sheep-press would have sanguinely accepted from Trump the number and kind of press interviews and townhall meetings Biden held—you know, very few with only planted questions from solicitous sycophants? C’mon, man.

While the results of a truly fair election can never be fully known, we do know with certainty that the process was corrupt. It is the degree of corruption that remains unclear, which is just the way “progressives” with an insatiable appetite for power and atrophied consciences want things to remain: obscured, concealed, unknown.

How else to explain the perfervid freak-out by “progressive” politicians and press propagandists over calls for an investigation of the many firsthand accounts of polling “irregularities”? Do honest people freak out about or resist investigations into the nature and extent of “irregularities” that may violate federal and state laws? Is it professionally defensible for journalists to be so incurious about an issue of such monumental relevance to the public good? I was going to ask if it were “normal” for journalists to be so incurious, but by now we all know that such “incuriosity” is, indeed, normal for leftist journalists.

The same journalists who before the election proclaimed with religious certitude that there is no evidence of voter fraud, now—after it’s become inarguable that voter fraud took place—argue that the voter fraud is not widespread or that it was insufficient to change election results, so move along. Don’t bother those pretty little heads with a little federal election corruption or even a lot if it doesn’t change election results.

Thought experiment: Would the press be more likely to investigate possible election fraud if they believed widespread corruption took place and was possibly sufficient to win the election for Harris/Biden?

Leftist pundits who spent four years embarrassing themselves by writing breathless phantasmagorical tales about a Russian Collusion Hoax, leaked documents, and a prostitute  “leaking” on a bed in Russia now claim there’s no point in pursuing a story for which there are scores of firsthand accounts attested to in signed legal affidavits.

Anyone who thought leftists in the press might have learned some humility and worked to restore both their integrity and the public’s trust after their legion of errors over the past four years has underestimated the depth of the fall of journalism. Humility and integrity vacated the souls of journalists, and the vacuum has been filled with wackiness, deceit, and hypocrisy. In the past week, formerly semi-respectable journalists like Martha Raddatz donned their tinfoil hats and began speculating that President Trump is planning a military coup against that guy—oh, you know the thing—Jill Biden’s husband.

Ironically, leftist journalists like, oh, everyone at CNN, MSNBC, the New York Times, and Washington Post, spent four years abusing their power in a failed de facto coup attempt now have the audacity to call a story with reams of evidence a “conspiracy theory.” Tucker Carlson is right: the left continually accuses conservatives of that which they—leftists—are guilty. They should be ashamed, but shame and guilt are felt by only people with consciences.

Self-government and liberty rely on trust and truth. When citizens can no longer rely on the Fourth Estate to do its job, when Big Tech colludes with Big Media and Big Brother Dems to concoct lies to conceal truth, our capacity to govern ourselves and preserve our liberty erodes.

Gaslighting is real folks, and the press is gaslighting you. Don’t fall for it.

BTW, who monitors the press?

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PLEASE PRAY: Pray for God’s mercy on our nation as we await the results of President Trump’s legal challenges to election results. In 2000, it took 37 days to figure out the “hanging chad” dilemma. We must be patient. In the meantime, please pray that any and all corruption would be exposed. 

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