A Man vs. A Movement

Written by Laurie Higgins

Illinois Family Action urges its readers to watch and share this powerful and important 17-minute video that provides an overview of what is at stake in this election. Thomas Klingenstein, Chair of the Board of The Claremont Institute argues persuasively that this is the most important election since 1860. He makes three points:

1. “Trump is the perfect man for these times.”

2. “Republicans are not doing a good job of explaining the stakes in this election.”

3. “The Democratic Party, which has been taken over by its radical wing, is leading a revolution”—a literal, not metaphorical, revolution.

Klingenstein argues that this election is “not about particular policies” but about two mutually exclusive ways of life. Mr. Klingenstein discusses the destruction of American principles and values which will be achieved by destroying the institutions that teach those principles and values: the nuclear family, religion, education, and community life.

He further explains what all Republicans need to be saying and doing continually.

Many voters—particularly, it seems, Millennial voters—do not see the big picture and, consequently, have little to no idea what they and their children stand to lose if Democrats win. Please watch and share.

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