America the Beautiful, Going, Going, Gone, If Republicans Abandon Trump

Written by Laurie Higgins

Those who have eyes to see not just trees but forests too, likely see the toppling of America right before their eyes. The blinkered eyes of the tree-lookers ignore all the good President Trump has done and instead notice only the tangy appearance of the leftist-tagged “bad Orange Man.” They can’t hear the prophetic calls of wise men like Victor Davis Hanson who warns that electing marionette Joe Biden will prove cataclysmic for the American Republic. They can’t hear the few wise people remaining in America, because leftists are shrieking at them through bullhorns.  Even if they try to block out the mega-megaphones blaring propaganda into our miasmic atmosphere, they can’t.

If polling is to be believed (and that’s a big “if”), Republican voters are jumping ship. Tragically, there are no lifeboats waiting to save them. All that awaits them in the dark waters are strategically placed neon floaties tossed there by leftists who will napalm those faux-life preservers once Republicans have grabbed on.

Remember, moral regressives already control the U.S. House of Representatives, so let’s imagine the dystopian world that America will devolve into if befuddled Biden and his “progressive” puppeteers win the White House and mutinous Marxists win the U.S. Senate.

  • Leftists want to rewrite the Constitution—literally. What do you suppose will happen to those pesky First and Second Amendments?
  • Leftists want to pack the U.S. Supreme Court with leftists who view the Court as a de facto law-making body, and they want to add more justices just to make sure they’ve got an insurmountable voting advantage.
  • Leftists want to give the wildly liberal District of Columbia two U.S. Senate seats, thereby virtually guaranteeing control of the Senate in perpetuity.
  • Leftists want to eliminate the electoral college to ensure smaller more conservative states have no voice. Leftist urban areas will control presidential elections.
  • Leftists already control the press with only 7.1 percent of journalists identifying as Republicans in 2014, so a Democrat-controlled Congress and executive branch will have a propaganda machine like no other in history.
  • Colleges and universities have 13 left-of-center faculty members for every 1 right-of-center faculty member with the imbalance growing, so the propagandizing will only worsen.
  • Colleges and universities are the training grounds for elementary, middle, and high school teachers, so the non-diverse leftist academic-political complex will continue to churn out ignorant, America-hating ideologues and anarchists.
  • The aberrant sexual revolution will continue—with even fewer obstacles—its jackbooted and stiletto-healed march through America, destroying lives, families, churches, schools, religious liberty, speech rights, and association rights.
  • Taxpayers will be forced to subsidize abortion through all nine months of pregnancy—or beyond. All regulations restricting abortions will be abolished.
  • The economy will be destroyed by business regulations, tax increases, energy policy, and government giveaways. Leftists will steal money from hardworking Americans to give to other Americans stuff they have no right to.
  • Criminals will be set free, and police departments will be defunded.

Trump is not to blame for the anarchical forces that are shredding public safety, destroying property, and deracinating constitutional principles. The culture-destroying malefactors are political “progressives”/moral regressives—especially those in the academy and the press who foment deception, disorder, and dissension through relentless propaganda.

The culture-destroying ideology dominant for the past half century is that of the sexual revolution with its most recent ugly incarnation in the “LGBTQ” movement, which has destroyed marriage and family and called this destruction “liberation.” It is this political and ideological movement that has separated mothers from fathers, parents from children, sex from marriage, sex from procreation, and—with the mainstreaming of pornography—even sex from relationships. It has destroyed sexual morality and sexual continence. It has infected every institution, including families, churches, schools, the arts, medicine, the press, all three branches of government, and the military. There is no political movement or ideology that has proven as poisonous and destructive as the sexual revolution. And it continues to poison because America is led by ignorant, cowardly men and women.

Conservatives have long understood that we need leaders—men and women—with chests and spines. We’ll know when such leaders have arrived on the cultural scene because they will speak boldly on the two subjects that currently strike the most fear in lily-livered Republicans: homosexuality and the “trans”-cult. Any leader who quivers, quakes, dodges, and obfuscates on these issues isn’t worth supporting, because it is the pagan sexuality juggernaut that poses the greatest threat to our First Amendment protections, the family, children, and the church. Until all Republicans fully grasp that, we will be unable to make America a place conducive to human flourishing.

Once again, this next presidential election is not about Trump or Biden. It’s about principles, policies, and proxies. Who do Republicans want responsible for nominating U.S. Supreme Court Justices: the conservative Federalist Society that provides names to Trump or whichever far leftist group will provide names to Biden? For those of you—like me—who have found cause to gripe about Neil Gorsuch, I offer these words of wisdom from the always wise Dr. Robert A. J. Gagnon:

There is a huge difference, theoretically and practically, between voting for a president who nominates a justice with an eye to textualism and originalism, but which justice subsequently turns rogue, and voting for a president who intentionally nominates only justices who support amending the Constitution to left-wing dogma under the guise of interpretation.

Who do Republicans want to oversee energy and climate policy, tax policy, education policy, business regulation policy, healthcare policy, immigration policy, police reform, prison reform, policy related to protecting federal monuments, policy related to China, policy related to abortion, and policy related to religious liberty?

Those are the questions all Republicans should ask themselves before voting.

In the next four years, far more long-term damage to the U.S. Constitution, liberty, prosperity, and the cause of truth will be done by a Biden administration than a Trump administration.

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