Do Democrats Believe All #MeToo Women?

Written by Laurie Higgins

Democratic U.S. Representative Sean Casten–against whom Jeanne Ives is running–posted this on his “Sean Casten for Congress” Facebook page on Sept. 27, 2018 about Christine Blasey Ford:

Dr. Christine Blasey Ford has shown incredible courage in sharing her story with the Senate Judiciary committee and in front of the nation. It is clear that there must be an FBI investigation.

On September 23, 2018, U.S. House Speaker Nancy “the Fridge” Pelosi posted this on her Facebook page:

Dr. Christine Blasey Ford made the courageous decision to come forward with her story of sexual assault by now-Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh. We stand with her. We #BelieveSurvivors#MeToo

On Sept. 27, 2018, former senator and reliable prevaricator Elizabeth Warren posted this on her Facebook page:

I believe Dr. Christine Blasey Ford. My heart broke watching her testify. She’s a hero – brave, compelling, credible – and she made it clear: Brett Kavanaugh doesn’t belong anywhere near the Supreme Court. … I’ll say it again: I believe Dr. Ford. … I can’t stop thinking about how, 27 years ago, Anita Hill was torn apart by the Senate Judiciary Committee. She helped so many people in the country wake up to the reality of sexual harassment. And since then, with the #MeToo movement, so many brave survivors have come out of the shadows to tell the stories of their sexual assault – demanding justice and accountability. So today, when Dr. Ford appeared before the committee, she wasn’t alone. Millions of Americans have her back, and we’ll fight for her.

Some intrepid reporter should ask Casten if he plans to publicly say that Tara Reade has shown incredible courage and that it’s clear there must be an FBI investigation into the allegations against Befuddled Biden. Someone should ask the Fridge if she believes and stands squarely with Tara Reade. And someone should ask Warren if she thinks Tara Reade is a brave, compelling, credible, heroic survivor for whom Lying Liz will fight.

For those who may have taken a news break for the past two weeks, Tara Reade is the woman who has accused presidential candidate and female-space invader Joe Biden of sexual harassment and assault, and has provided credible corroborating evidence for her allegation.

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