Sixth District Voters: Vote for Jeanne Ives in the Primary!

Written by Laurie Higgins

Over in the Sixth District there is a crucial congressional race taking place that could turn a U.S. House seat back to red. This seat is currently held by the creepy Sean Casten who when asked by the Daily Herald to name someone he admires named one of the worst public figures in America: the uber-creepy, obscene, homosexual, anti-Christian bigot Dan Savage. I kid you not, that’s the person Casten chose.

Running against Creepy Casten will be either retired transplant surgeon Dr. Jay Kinzler or former Illinois State Rep. and gubernatorial candidate Jeanne Ives, who would have won the gubernatorial race had Pinocchio Rauner with his buckets of ducats not smeared her so scandalously that even the national press took note.

Americans should know by now, and certainly Illinoisans should, that with arrogant and often combative lawmakers tracking muck into the house–mucksters and hucksters like AOCIlhan OmarAyanna PressleyRashida TlaibHakeem JeffriesJerry Nadler,  Maxine WatersAdam SchiffNancy PelosiDanny Davis, and Jan Schakowsky–we need strong principled Republicans passionately committed to the Constitution, the entire GOP Platform, and parental rights. Jay Kinzler is, by his own campaign’s admission, not.

One of Kinzler’s own campaign ads, citing the Daily Herald, says,

Kinzler … is eager to focus on policy issues and leave social causes out of the equation. … He makes an unqualified distinction between social causes and policy constructs and demonstrates a sincere promise to leave the former to the dictates of personal conscience and to concentrate solely on the latter as matters for the attention of government.

Say whaaat?

To understand this stunning statement—a statement that Kinzler proudly touts—we have to identify what the “social causes” are that the euphemism “social causes” conceals.

As everyone knows the “social causes” are the policy issues and “constructs” that “progressives” fight like the dickens to bring to the “attention of” and enforce through the power of government. You know, things like public policies related to abortion, the sexual integration of private spaces, the sexual integration of women’s sports, mandatory wrong-pronoun use, marriage, forcing Christian business owners to violate their religious convictions, prohibiting businesses from firing employees who start masquerading as the opposite sex at work, requiring government schools to introduce kindergartners to the arguable “trans” ideology, and mandatory HPV vaccinations for all children to prevent some STD’s. Take a gander at the Equality Act—which is a top tier “social cause” policy proposal on the agenda of “progressives” that, if passed, will significantly undermine the religious liberty of Christians, Christian organizations, and churches.

The Chicago Sun-Times reports that Kinzler “points proudly to a record as a … Park District commissioner that emphasized pragmatic cooperation over partisan bickering.” Kinzler boasts too that he’s a “unifier.” I think we all know what a “unifier” who opposes even “bickering” and who is committed to leaving “social causes out of the equation” will do when faced with policy proposals on “social causes.”

Kinzler also recently said that Jeanne Ives’ opposition to what many Illinoisans wrongly call a “conversion therapy ban” is “baggage” for her and that “conversion therapy” has been debunked. It isn’t baggage, and it hasn’t been debunked. Kinzler should know that but evidently doesn’t.

What has been “debunked” is the efficacy of aversion therapy, which was used for the treatment of all sorts of issues and hasn’t been used in decades. Jeanne Ives’ opposition to the ban on conventional counseling for minors—a ban that constitutes a gross overreach of government, interferes, with the work of mental health professionals, and robs teens of their autonomy—was absolutely the right thing to do.

The most significant threat to First Amendment speech, religious free exercise, and association protections and to parental rights is posed by policy proposals related to the “social causes” that Kinzler is committed to leaving out of the equation. If the Sixth District flips to red, who is the candidate best equipped in terms of courage and principles to battle AOC and her collaborators?

Surely, those who affirm the U.S. Constitution, the entire GOP platform, and parental rights know it’s Jeanne Ives.

Early voting has already started in Illinois, and primary Election Day is March 17. Make sure you vote, and make sure you vote for Jeanne Ives!

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