Illinois Poised to be Leader in Freedom Caucus Freshmen

Written by Paul Hurst    

Finally, Illinois can lead in something positive: sending the most Freedom Caucus freshmen to U.S. Congress in 2020. I’m referring to Jeanne Ives, James Marter and Mary Miller.

Jeanne Ives nearly overturned the multi-million dollar status-quo machine in Illinois’ gubernatorial primary in 2018. With her support now concentrated on the Illinois’ 6th District, she stands to take the seat held by radical Democrat, Sean Casten and turn it right side up. She already has the Freedom Caucus endorsement and in a recent poll was leading Casten by ten percentage points.

Similarly, James Marter, running in a crowded primary for Illinois’ 14th District, is running a distinctly unapologetic Pro-Life, Pro-Second Amendment, Pro-Trump and Freedom Caucus Agenda campaign that is gaining steam. Facing bigger money opponents, he released this week his first round of personal endorsements, listing over 75 names that includes a who’s who of conservative grassroots leaders from across the state and beyond.

Rounding out this menu of rising conservatives is Mary Miller (IL 15), running for the Illinois’ 15th District on a “Faith, Family and Freedom” platform that any Freedom Caucus member would be proud to welcome in.  The issues section of her website includes addressing the ills of socialism and the “far left extremism” of the Green New Deal.

Interestingly, I live in the 6th District and volunteer in the 14th, and the good works of the Millers have impacted me personally: I have enjoyed many Illinois Christian Home Educators’ Father-Son Camps, which are graciously hosted on Miller’s property downstate.

All three of these candidates represent what we desperately need more of in Congress: people willing to solve problems rather than exploit the arguments around them. Ives has released her detailed health care plan. Marter has released his border security plan. All three have shown they will remember who they work for when they get to Congress and put people over politics.

Ives, no stranger to being outnumbered in the Democrat-run Illinois General Assembly, never gave up a fight worth having. It doesn’t always make friends on the other side but it does build respect and it tends to shed the light of day in the otherwise “smoke (and mirror) filled rooms” of government that would go unknown to the public, were it not for fighters like Ives. We need people who can’t stay silent when Constitutional rights are being trodden under foot, major portions of our economy (like healthcare) are being taken over by big government power grabs and our hard earned tax dollars are being wasted on cynical attempts to get more votes for issue-exploiting coastal liberals.

So, can they win? Absolutely! Illinoisans are tired of the hypnotic effect the dark blue of Chicago politics has had on the minds of too many establishment Republicans who assess candidates by the biggest check or the most politically correct check boxes.  You can feel the grassroots momentum growing as voters realize their “Midwestern Values” have suffered in part because they didn’t “leave it all on the field” during previous primaries. The “waiting for the dust to settle first” approach has only led to lackluster candidates (or worse), whose uninspiring records and flexible principles end up giving way to more radical and motivated “blue meat” leftists on the other team.

Marter, in particular, cautions against sending anything less than an experienced, pro-Trump, pro-Life, Second Amendment conservative to the battle in November, especially in a district that President Trump won.

It is “We the people…” not “They, those people…” and excuses like “I have a job, so I can’t attend a fundraiser, email friends or deliver signs” don’t cut it anymore. Funding Planned Parenthood, “free” college for non-citizens, and endless impeachments for political gain are robbing us of the fruits of our labor. It needs to stop and we need to step up alongside these candidates to help them stop it.

If you join the fight, you won’t be alone. All three candidates are pro-life, and Scripture is clear on where God stands on that issue. You’ll also have an army of experienced grassroots leaders to help you plug in. Marter’s campaign has a Prayer Team led by a facilitator from the 24/7 National Strategic Prayer Call, a national prayer effort that continuously prays for President Trump and issues pertaining to our nation. Marter’s Walk Team is being assisted by legendary grassroots leader, Barb Babbey, who was with (Joe) Walsh Freedom until Joe took his notable turn to the left. Personal endorsements released this week by leaders on the issues of life, immigration, religious freedom, national security and gun rights will no doubt build this ground support.

In the more densely populated geography of Ives’ 6th District, she is running a tight, professional campaign, getting excellent support and deploying the technical expertise it will take to unseat Casten. In the huge 29+ county 15th District, there is also a tailored strategy that is off and running. Mary Miller and her husband, State Rep, Chris Miller (House District 110), have earned the endorsement of the Illinois Farm Bureau and she raised $100,000 in the first 24 hours after Mary’s announcement to run.

Looking at the values of the Freedom Caucus, we see open, accountable and limited government, supporting the Constitution and the rule of law and promoting liberty, safety and prosperity for all Americans. These three candidates exemplify these values.

Is Illinois ready to reject identity politics and “purchased positions” and get back to making the case for the best ideas that benefit all Americans? I sense that time has arrived. When America is healthy, when the most generous and free society on the planet is doing well, when people are lifted out of poverty, the country unites and the entire world benefits.

Let’s do this, Illinois!

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