Dream Congressional Match-Up: Jeanne Ives vs. The Squad

Written by Laurie Higgins

If ever there were a reason to vote for Jeanne Ives in the Republican Primary, it is yesterday’s endorsement of Ives’ opponent Jay Kinzler by the Chicago Sun-Times. If it had a soul, the notoriously leftist Chicago Sun-Times would sell it to you-know-whom to stop a true conservative like Ives from being elected. And who would you want to see do battle with AOC, Ilhan Omar, and Rashida Tlaib: Jeanne Ives—or Jay Kinzler?

The leftist Sun-Times laughably identified Ives as “not a unifier,” and did so without acknowledging that the Democratic Party has no interest in uniting with anyone who believes that every human possesses intrinsic worth, including physically imperfect humans and those who were conceived via criminal acts.

The Democratic Party has no interest in uniting with anyone who believes women are entitled to be free of the presence of men in their restrooms, locker rooms, shelters, and military barracks.

The Democratic Party has no interest in uniting with those who oppose the deceptively named “Equality Act,” which should be deemed the De-Sex Everything Act because it will redefine the word “sex” in federal laws to include “gender” and the metaphysical condition called “gender identity.” In so doing, it will destroy religious liberty and private spaces for women and men.

The Democratic Party has no interest in uniting with those who believe the terms “sexual orientation” and “gender identity” should never be added to anti-discrimination policies or laws. “Sexual orientation” really just means homosexuality because all humans are objectively heterosexual in that heterosexuality is the means by which the human species reproduces, and no one is discriminated against based on being heterosexual.

Further, unlike race, age, sex, and nation of origin, which, are constituted neither by feelings nor volitional acts and are therefore morally neutral, homosexuality and cross-sex impersonation are constituted by subjective desires and volitional acts that many deem immoral. Adding “sexual orientation” and “gender identity” to anti-discrimination laws and policies is just a sneaky way to undermine First Amendment protections of speech, religious free exercise, and assembly.

What the Republican Party in Congress desperately needs are more people like Jeanne Ives—a bold, principled woman—who will go toe-to-toe with the Squad. We don’t need someone like Jay Kinzler, who when filling out Illinois Family Action’s candidate survey refused to answer these two questions:

Do you support or oppose the Equality Act which provides special federal protections for sexual orientation and gender identity?

Do you support or oppose allowing transgenders to serve in the military?

Vote Smart reports that Kinzler said, “I do have reservations [about banning abortion] when it comes to Rape and the Life of the Mother.”

Since he’s a doctor, he should know that there are no cases when protecting a mother’s life requires the intentional killing of her baby. In a life-threatening situation, a baby may need to be delivered prematurely, but such an emergency delivery does not require injecting its heart with digoxin or dismembering it.

And the crimes of a baby’s biological father should not be a death sentence for her. Arguing that it’s morally justifiable to slaughter a baby because she was conceived in rape is grotesque.

Kinzler says that he believes “in fair treatment of all Americans without discrimination as to religion …  sexual orientation, gender identity.” All conservatives believe in “fair treatment” of all humans (including, btw, those in the womb), but plucking out just two (i.e., homosexuality and cross-sex passing) of all the myriad forms of sexual perversion with which humans identify to include in anti-discrimination laws and policies inevitably results in unfair treatment of people of faith. Moreover, “sexual orientation” will expand to include other forms of sexual deviance. Already, polyamorists are claiming that polyamory is a sexual orientation.

How does a lawmaker unite with a Democratic Party that’s been yanked so far left it shouts abortions and cheers infanticide? He caves, that’s how.

When the Sun-Times claims that Ives is not a unifier, it means she will stand firm for truth. When the Sun-Times endorses Kinzler, it is tacitly admitting that Kinzler will not.  

Take ACTION: Make sure you vote in this important election! Early voting and vote by mail is already underway for the March 17th Primary. To vote early or by mail, merely find the designated early voting location managed by your local election authority. In Illinois, each county has their own election authority. If you live in the 6th Congressional District, you will need to contact the County Clerk in your area: Will County, Kendall County, Kane County, McHenry County and Lake County. (You can find the entire list of election authorities here at the State Board of Elections website.)

More ACTION: In addition to casting your vote for this outstanding pro-family candidate, or if you live outside the 6th District, please consider donating to the Ives campaign.

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