Ives on “At Issue”

Written by John Biver

A few weeks ago, 6th district congressional candidate Jeanne Ives was interviewed by Craig Dellimore on the WBBM AM 780 radio show “At Issue.” Listening to the interview should give encouragement to anyone who despairs for the future of Illinois. Why? Because in spite of our state’s problems, exceptionally talented conservatives such as Jeanne Ives are still entering the fray to champion fiscal sanity and pro-family policies.

Early in the conversation they discussed former Lt. Governor Evelyn Sanguinetti, who was the first to get into the 6th district race. The focus was Sanguinetti’s lack of experience and her tepid after-the-fact opposition to the infamous HB 40 (legalizing taxpayer funding of abortion) that her running mate, Bruce Rauner signed into law.

It should be noted that Sanguinetti’s campaign proudly published a list of about 150 endorsements when she entered the race. Included on the list were former governor Bruce Rauner, former U.S. Senator Mark Kirk, Illinois Congressmen Rodney Davis (R-Taylorville), John Shimkus (R-Effingham), and Adam Kinzinger (R-Peru). Rather than serving to deter anyone else from getting into the race, the list foreshadowed doom for her candidacy. Despite all of that “support,” Jeanne’s superior fundraising numbers and her authentic support of grassroots Republicans encouraged Evelyn to drop out of the race earlier this month.

The conversation turned to the current occupant of the seat, Democrat Sean Casten. While the Dems had a good ground game, the fact that when Casten won in 2018, he was not yet well known. “In fact, he could stand up and say anything he wanted to last time and nobody would know the difference,” Ives said. “But now the left’s agenda is completely unmasked. They are not hiding who they are. From wanting to socialize health care and get rid of private health insurance, to abolishing the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency, to infusing identity politics into every policy choice.”

The Democrats “are unreasonable and unserious people,” Ives said, “if they’re not trying to take away your red meat, they’re trying to take away your red hat.” Casten represents the far-left coastal elites, Ives said, and not the people of the 6th District.

Ives touted her record in the Illinois General Assembly, which included working with Democrats to pass important health care reform, as well as successfully enacting College of DuPage reforms.

When Craig Dellimore asked her opinion on how President Donald Trump might impact down-ballot races next year, Ives listed some of Trump’s accomplishments, including an economy that is in great shape, appointing conservative judges and justices, tax cuts, job growth, improving our country’s stature in the world, and getting out of foreign wars like Afghanistan, which West Point graduate and U.S. Army veteran Ives agrees should be done.

When asked about Trump’s style, Ives brought the focus back to the conservative policies that Trump is successfully enacting, and she referred to the unprecedented attacks the president has been subjected to by bureaucrats and the media.

Ives was also asked about her TV ad during her campaign against Bruce Rauner. The ad was considered controversial by some, hard-hitting and humorous by others. It dealt with Rauner’s transgender policy, making Illinois a sanctuary state, the taxpayer bailout of Exelon that raised electricity rates, and Rauner’s support for helping to bailout Chicago teacher pensions.

The interview also touched on trade with communist China, the Hong Kong protests, border security, and specific health care reform proposals that Ives supports.

The interview educates voters of the 6th congressional district about one of the candidates they’ll have to choose from next year. It also demonstrates that despite so much of what Illinoisans see, their state is not bereft of capable and courageous individuals like Jeanne Ives.

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