SPOTLIGHT: Sandy Rios Interviews Laurie Higgins

Written by David E. Smith

With public schools soon to be in session all over the state of Illinois, this conversation between Sandy Rios, host of Sandy Rios In the Morning on American Family Radio, and IFI’s cultural affairs writer, Laurie Higgins, is especially timely.

Higgins and Rios discuss the “assault and propaganda” that public schools unleash on their captive and impressionable student audience. They also consider the genesis of the “trans juggernaut” and delve into the unholy alliance between the National Education Association and the most radical elements of the Democratic Party. Some of the business items from the recent NEA representative assembly in Houston read as if they were taken directly from the Democratic platform!

Other topics of discussion include presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg’s “Christian” take on homosexuality, the American Psychological Association’s agenda to destigmatize and normalize polyamory and other sexual “orientations,” and an exhortation for retirees to use their golden years to advance the Kingdom of God.

Brothers and sisters, we can no longer ignore or dismiss the fringe elements of our culture – the “fringe” is quickly unraveling the integrity of the fabric of America. Please listen to and share this podcast!

Articles discussed in this informative interview:

Wait Till You See What The National Education Association Is Up To

Buttigieg, Benson, Rubin, and Marriage

In Quest to Normalize Polyamory American Psychological Association Loses All Credibility

81 Words: The story of how the American Psychiatric Association decided in 1973 that homosexuality was no longer a mental illness (NPR)

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