SPOTLIGHT: The “Trans” Ideology End Game

Written by Benjamin Smith

Our first podcast in May features highlights from the 2019 Illinois Family Institute Worldview Conference on “Trans” Ideology. Speakers Dr. Michelle Cretella, Denise Shick, Walt Heyer, and Pastor Doug Wilson, along with IFI’s cultural affairs writer Laurie Higgins, field questions from conference attendees during a Q & A session.

Laurie Higgins begins the podcast by addressing the endgame of LGBTQ activists regarding transgenderism, specifically its affect on privacy and culture. Topics and questions covered by our guests include gender confusion and regret, transitioning/detransitioning, calls to lower the age of consent, Planned Parenthood’s evolving business model, a Christian approach to public schools, the biology of sex determination, manipulation of scientific statistics/studies, and more.

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