SPOTLIGHT: Illinois’ Abortion Holocaust

Written by Benjamin Smith

This week’s Spotlight features Laurie Higgins, cultural affairs writer for IFI. Laurie was a recent guest of Stephanie Trussell and co-hosts Carol Davis, Jan Shaw on the Stephanie Trussell Show on 890 WLS. In highlights from the program, Laurie, Stephanie, and Carol discuss Teri Paulson’s article on the IFA website that compares the abortion holocaust to the Nazi Holocaust and the resulting house joint resolution, HJR 55 which condemns the so-called “hate speech” of IFA and, by extension, IFI.

This group of conservative women also addressed ways for Christians and conservatives to appropriately, yet boldly, express their opposition to this resolution and stresses the importance of advocating for foundational issues. At the conclusion of the podcast, Laurie touches on the precarious balance between education and indoctrination in Illinois public schools.

Monte Larrick provides information on crucial action points you can take concerning upcoming legislation – so be sure to listen till the end of the podcast!

Take ACTION: Click HERE to contact your state senator and representative to ask them to reject this dangerous resolution. Ask them to vote down HJR 55 and the unprecedented and tyrannical action being taken by extreme partisans in the Illinois General Assembly.

A bold voice for pro-family values in Illinois!