SPOTLIGHT: We Need to Be About Our Daddy’s Business

Joining David and Monte this week for the 100th Illinois Family Spotlight podcast is The Reverend Doctor Joey Krol, licensed Christian counselor, radio host, author, and pastor of Galilee Baptist Church in Decatur, Illinois. While no celebratory cake was consumed by our guest and hosts, please feel free to pour yourself a cup of coffee and grab a treat while you listen to their informative, humorous, and heartfelt discussion.

Here are a few highlights: Dr. Krol states there are many inside the church with misaligned priorities, caught up in the comforts of the world, standing up for things they ought not to stand up for. Emphasizing the difference between being political and being biblical, he encourages pastors to preach the Word of God, but to also educate their congregations on the issues.

Lest it seem that all the responsibility rests with pastors, Dr. Krol stresses the need for Christians to vote in every election, giving special consideration to pro-life/pro-family candidates at the bottom of the ticket, and to pray, pray, pray that all our elected officials would be surrounded by people who know the Word of God and align themselves with righteousness.

We sincerely hope and pray that this podcast impresses upon listeners the necessity of prayer and the importance of participating in the political process.

Summer-Time Challenge

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