What’s the Deal with Illinois GOP Lawmakers?

Written by Laurie Higgins

Do you want to know why we’re in the cultural mess we’re in with sexually integrated private spaces and taxpayer-funding of human slaughter? Cowardice–cowardice masquerading as shrewd (i.e., unprincipled) political pragmatism.

In Jeanne Ives, we have one of the finest Republican candidates running for governor in decades. If we designed the perfect Republican candidate, Ives would be it. She’s conservative on all issues–from social to fiscal. She’s principled and courageous. If your Republican state rep. and/or senator has not endorsed Jeanne Ives, ask him or her why not. For example, ask U.S. Rep. Peter Roskam why he hasn’t endorsed her by sending an email to info@roskamforcongress.com.

I’ll tell you what they likely won’t. They’re perpetually running for office, and the “social issues” unnerve them. Ives dared to touch the third rail of politics, and pusillanimous politicians fear touching her. Good thing these lawmakers weren’t around when slavery or civil rights legislation was the third rail.

Timorous lawmakers rationalize their cowardice by saying it’s good strategy to avoid the “social issues,” because if they address them, they supposedly can’t get re-elected. And if they can’t get re-elected, then they can’t do all the AMAZING good work they do on other issues. (The truth is most Republicans are so ignorant of issues related to homosexuality and the “trans” ideology, they couldn’t sensibly talk about them even if they had the spine to do so.)

And so it goes, with each election cycle ensuring that the critical social issues will not be addressed. The GOP is corroded from within by their self-fulfilling prophesies.

Outstanding people like Ives will not choose to run, and the party will become a sickly, rotting shell composed of people who have no idea that the “social issues” are more critical to the health and welfare of society than are tax rates or that the “social issues” affect everything, including public education, social welfare costs, religious liberty, speech rights, and children’s rights.

Now, go call your Republican lawmakers and ask them why they haven’t endorsed Ives.

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