Jeanne Ives’ Drubbing of Bruce Rauner

Written by Laurie Higgins

Monday night the Chicago Tribune editorial board hosted a debate between Governor Bruce Rauner and primary challenger State Representative Jeanne Ives. Ives wiped the floor with Rauner.

Chicago Tribune columnist John Kass—one of the questioners—wrote this following the debate:

[O]n Monday, judging just from his eyes and body language after debating Ives…Rauner looked like a man who’d been whipped. He just couldn’t quite come to grips with the whipping…. [S]he crushed him and it wasn’t pretty.

“Progressive” Chicago Tribune columnist Eric Zorn—another questioner—also wrote about the crushing of Rauner:

Ives got the best of Rauner in every area—eloquence, knowledge of policy and pointed jabs—and showed herself to be far from a fringe candidate.

That last remark was a refutation of Rauner’s laughable claim that the outstanding Ives is a “fringe candidate.” If Ives is a fringe candidate, why is soon-to-be former governor Rauner terrified to debate her again? Three times during the debate, editors asked Rauner if he would debate Ives again. And three times, Rauner repeated the cringeworthy non-answer: “We’re debating now.” In other words, Rauner refuses to debate Ives ever again.

While he 2-3 times claimed he’s a person who “won’t back down,” Won’t-Back-Down Rauner (aka the Tom Petty candidate) backed down from West Point graduate and Army vet Ives.

Illinoisans who gripe about the dearth of good candidates for elected office better remain silent in the future if they don’t support Ives in these ways:

  • Watch this 1 hour and 20-minute debate. Yes, you do have the time. On just one night, skip all Fox News shows and watch this one and only debate between Won’t-Back-Down Rauner and Ives. And watch it soon! The primary rapidly approaches!
  • Post about Ives on social media ASAP. Ives doesn’t have the name recognition of Rauner or his gazillions of dollars.
  • Get a Jeanne Ives yard sign ASAP.
  • Donate to her campaign ASAP. Even small amounts help. (Didn’t we learn that from Bernie Sanders’ campaign?)

This is an eye-opening debate. Grab some popcorn, curl up in your Barcalounger, and enjoy the drubbing of the man National Review named the “Worst Republican Governor in America.”

And if you find yourself feeling sorry for Rauner’s embarrassing performance, remember, he’s the man that lied to Chicago Archbishop Cupich, promising that he would veto the bill (HB 40) that makes Illinoisans pay for the abortions of state employees and Medicaid recipients.

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