SPOLIGHT: The Most Significant Revolution in History

Written by John Biver

On this week’s podcast episode, Laurie Higgins joins David Smith to discuss the Trans-Ideology and its effects on our schools, classrooms, and impressionable young children.

Laurie is the cultural affairs writer for the Illinois Family Institute, and as Dave points out in his introduction of her (and as I have noted often on my own website), “she does an amazing job writing thought provoking and compelling articles that help us think through the contemporary issues and the godless worldviews that dominate the public square.”

To the question of why she refers to what is going on today as “one of the most significant revolutions in history,” Laurie responded:

“If people think this is just about this very small minority of people who experience gender dysphoria having access to opposite sex spaces — they’re wrong, they’re not fully informed.” The ultimate goal is to eradicate the public recognition of sex differences, she explains, “everywhere for everyone.” That means in our restrooms, and locker rooms, shelters, nursing homes and semi-private hospital rooms.

“The ‘trans community’ doesn’t believe that objective, immutable biological sex has intrinsic meaning — “it only has meaning if a particular person thinks it has meaning,” Laurie says. “The has never been a society in human history that has failed to recognize that men and women are different — and that those differences are profound and meaningful.”

“You have children who are coming to school and identifying as the opposite sex at very very young ages — as early as kindergarten. And many school are accommodating that. What this teachers children of all ages is “that in order to be compassionate, inclusive people, they have to relinquish their physical privacy.”

“So for example, if you have a middle school boy who doesn’t want a girl in the rest room or locker room with him when he’s undressing — then he is an ignorant hateful bigot. That’s what we are implicitly or explicitly teaching through these bathroom policies.”

In their wide-ranging discussion, Dave Smith brings up a question Laurie Higgins has asked — how evil do the ideas have to be and how young do the children have to be who are being exposed to such evil before Christians speak out and take action?

Laurie stresses that whether you have children in the public schools or not, your tax dollars are paying for them and the kids in these government-run schools are tomorrow’s culture makers.

Listen to it here:

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