Let’s Go Illinoisans! Send Jeanne Ives to the Governor’s Mansion!

Written by Laurie Higgins

With the country riven by unbridgeable ideological divisions and all manner of corruption, we here in one of the sorriest-run, most corrupt states have a breath of fresh air in gubernatorial candidate State Representative Jeanne Ives.

Conservatives of all stripes have a candidate in Ives who unapologetically embraces the entire Republican platform and does so with courage, wisdom, grace, and integrity. Ives is a smart, well-informed, tireless straight shooter. Illinoisans must not pass up this opportunity to elect a candidate of this caliber.

Rep. Ives demonstrated her passionate commitment to fiscal sanity in this stem-winder of a statement made on the Illinois House floor in which she urged a “no” vote on the disastrous budget proposal. Watch it and see if you can remain seated by the end. I call it “Mrs. Ives Goes to Springfield”:

What Illinoisans need to do NOW is either find and sign a petition to get Rep. Ives on the ballot, download some petitions and gather signatures, or both.

Take ACTION:  Jeanne Ives needs petition signatures nowDownload a petition here, and gather signatures.  If every IFI subscriber gets a mere 15 signatures, she would have more than enough to get on the ballot.

Please send all notarized petitions to this address by November 20th:

Ives for Illinois
P.O. Box 1504
Wheaton, IL 60187

(Click HERE for an instruction sheet for circulating petitions.)


Here’s what Illinoisans should know about Ives:

Ives graduated in the West Point Class of 1987 with a Bachelor of Science in Economics. She went on to serve in the U.S. Army. Her assignments included platoon leader and headquarters detachment commander for transportation units in Germany and ROTC instructor at Wheaton College. 

She resigned from the Army in 1993 to raise her children and at the same time worked as a tax advisor and bookkeeper for small businesses and individuals.

Prior to her election to the Illinois House, Ives served on the Wheaton City Council…. 

In her first term, Ives…focused on bringing about true pension and tax reform in the state, pursuing term limits for lawmakers, government transparency, and advocating for school choice.

[Ives]…sits on the House Appropriations Committee for Elementary & Secondary Education, House Labor Committee, House Committee on Cities and Villages, House Committee on Mass Transit and House Committee on International Trade and Commerce. 

[She] has lived in Wheaton for 20 years with her husband, Paul (also a USMA Class of 1987 graduate), and their 5 children. She is a parent volunteer at her children’s schools and has been coaching the St. Michael Boys and Girls Championship Cross Country teams for 7 years.

Ives’ pro-life commitment is unwavering and poignantly illustrated in a must-read essay appearing two years ago in the Chicago Tribune about the tragic death of one of her babies who had been diagnosed with a terminal genetic abnormality during the fourth month of Ives’ pregnancy and died 45 minutes after his birth. Here is an excerpt from that essay:

[O]ur high-risk pregnancy doctor strongly suggested we abort the baby. In our conversation, the doctor spoke as if that were the obvious, most reasonable option. The thought of aborting Mark entered my mind for a few brief moments. How convenient, no one needs to think about this anymore, no increased medical expenses, no carrying the baby for 20 more weeks, no painful choice on how to respond to cheerful comments about my impending birth. The problem would just go away, and I could get back to caring for our other four boys.

But those moments passed quickly. I knew the decision to end Mark’s life was neither mine nor my husband’s to make….

The next four months I cried every day with a kind of grief I had never experienced. Our baby boy was alive inside me, kicking and rolling, and on the day we would welcome Mark to the world, he would die in my arms. I was not only grief-stricken, I was also scared. I was terrified to face the death of my own child.

Mark was born on April 28, 2002. He died 45 minutes after birth. After his birth, my doctor baptized him and nurses lovingly took baby pictures, dressed him, gave him a teddy bear, took footprints, and treated him with the dignity he deserved as a human being created in the image and likeness of God. He was just over 3 pounds and had a nose like my father’s. 

Don’t let defeatists, naysayers, or those purported Republicans who reject big chunks of the Republic platform infect you.

Instead, thank God for Jeanne Ives, and then work your tails off for her!

More ACTION:  Volunteer to help the campaign. Talk to family members, friends, and neighbors about Rep. Ives and the importance of her election. And donate to her campaign HERE. Even small donations help enormously.

Listen to this article read by Laurie:

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