Trump is the Grotesque Creature; America is Dr. Frankenstein

**CAUTION:  Not for younger readers**

Written by Laurie Higgins

In response to Mitt Romney’s justifiable criticism of him on Thursday, TrumPolonius made this stunningly repugnant and obscene comment about his endorsement of Romney in 2012: “He was begging for my endorsement. I could have said ‘Mitt, drop to your knees.’ He would have dropped to his knees.”

Lest anyone think Trump—who is by all accounts a savvy communicator—is ignorant of the vulgar sexual allusion he used, you can see him use it earlier on The Apprentice:

Trump cunningly chose this double entendre so that he could speak vulgarly while falsely claiming innocence.

One of the many annoying things the press—including FOX News—continue to assert is that Trump’s opponents are the “establishment,” that vague, amorphous, unnamed coterie of politically-connected, wealthy power-brokers. News flash for the press, there are thousands and thousands and thousands of politically powerless, financially struggling Americans who detest Trump as a candidate.

These pundits continue to pontificate condescendingly that the “establishment” failed to take seriously a Trump candidacy until recently and that now his victory as the GOP candidate is a fait accompli. These pompous pundits should at least include themselves in the huge swath of Americans who thought a TrumPolonius win was a joke—an obscene joke, to be sure—but still a joke.

How preposterous to think a child-man of such lowly character who utters statements so vacuous or incoherent they make the utterances of Professor Irwin Corey sound like the oratory of Abraham Lincoln could become a presidential candidate? How could a man who brags about adulterous affairs, who profits from gambling and strip clubs, who refers to women as pieces of “ass,” who mocks one journalist for his disability and another for her menstrual cycle, who recommends vengeance, and who admits his willingness to abuse executive orders just like Obama become the candidate of any political party?

Perhaps the reason Trump was underestimated is that the character of the American public was overestimated. Yes, the arrogance, excesses, compromises, and duplicity of Congress for years have created the climate of resentment that the rapacious exploiter TrumPolonius feeds on, but a people with a firm moral compass and a modicum of wisdom would not support a morally compromised man like TrumPolonius when there was and is a pool of finer candidates from which to choose.

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