JEB! on the Form of Families


Written by Laurie Higgins

Conservatives who are considering voting for Jeb Bush might want to query him about what he said to Sean Hannity yesterday, January 7, on Hannity’s afternoon radio program:

The three things that matter for people to get out of poverty is [sic] graduating from high school and being college- or career-ready; having work, working rather than non-work; and having two-parent families that are organized to support and love their children in whatever form it comes.

The notion that the number of parents is crucial while the “form” is irrelevant is a Leftist belief most commonly articulated by those defending same-sex parenting. Someone should ask Bush for clarification. It’s important to know if he is including in the forms of family he endorses families led by homosexual couples. If the sex of parents is irrelevant to Bush, what would be his justification for the claim that two parents are essential? Conservatives understand that the number two derives from the twoness of the sexes that together produce children. What logic or research suggests that the number two remains essential to the welfare of children when the sex of parents is deemed irrelevant?

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