Pat Brady, the GOP, and Homosexuality, Oh My

Written by Laurie Higgins

Following the epic failure of the State Central Committee to oust the traitorous Illinois Republican Party Chairman Pat Brady on Saturday, conservatives were once more subjected to whining about the “BIG TENT” from unprincipled or ignorant Republicans.

What we should be asking is, “What part of this ginormous circus tent is reserved for those who believe that the legalization of “same-sex marriage” will harm children, families, religious liberty, speech rights, public education, and the fiscal health of the nation?”

I guess we get to sit behind the Big Top, waiting to muck out the cultural excrement that our rainbow-hued elephants who are shoving us out the door leave behind.

GOP Chair Reince Priebus said this in a May 2012 press release:

“While President Obama has played politics on this issue, the Republican Party…[has] been clear. We support maintaining marriage between one man and one woman and would oppose any attempts to change that.”

His statement stands in stark contrast to this feckless statement from Illinois Comptroller Judy Baar Topinka, Protector-of- Pat:

“He’s on the right side of history, for God’s sake…For me, it’s being a total conservative that you’re really pushing family values. Gay marriage is a very conservative thing. Family is (one of) the building blocks of a community.”

What she fails to understand is that not all forms of family are marriages and that simply because two (or more) people have managed to acquire children to raise does not mean their relationship constitutes a marriage. Calling the union of two men or two women a marriage is the antithesis of conservative and the epitome of foolishness.

Brady and his ideological compeers fret that our potentially Republican-inclined youth will flee to the dark side unless we abandon natural marriage. Do they really believe that droves of fiscal and defense hawks will move to the Democratic Party if the Republic Party stands firmly in defense of natural marriage and the rights of children?

What our not-so-esteemed leaders are actually saying is that whether the government continues to recognize that marriage is a sexually complementary institution has no bearing on the public good, whereas an increase in the tax rate will have a calamitous effect on the public good.

Pat Brady is not leading. He’s following. And who is he following? He’s following Hollywood, “progressive” academics, the mainstream press and homosexual agitators—oh, and teenagers.

If Brady understood what marriage is, how fundamental it is to the health of society, and why the government is involved, and if he were a courageous leader, we wouldn’t be in this divisive mess.

And if he were a wise and courageous leader, he would recognize why our youth are becoming more supportive of the legalization of “same-sex marriage.” It’s not because their collective consciousness has been raised. It’s because it’s been clouded by the miasma of propaganda in which they live and move. They’ve been indoctrinated from cradle through college by unchallenged Leftist dogma and Hollywood demagoguery. Their public schools engage in de facto censorship of conservative ideas and texts, while exposing them at every non-intellectual turn to homosexuality-affirming resources. And then our public school dogmatists have the audacity to proclaim they “value diversity,” “honor all voices,” and foster “critical thinking.” Pinocchio ain’t got nothin’ on our public school prevaricators.

Our Republican leaders look at our youth and say “Gee, golly, whiz, our youth support same-sex marriage, so we better support it.” Well, Cowardly, Capitulating, Leaders, here’s an alternative idea: Teach our children better.

But if the big tent is what Illinois Republicans want, let’s really expand it. Let’s welcome defense doves, income redistributionists, anti-Second Amendment enthusiasts, anti-school choice advocates, and pro-feticide proponents into our diverse tent. It’ll be huge and gaseous.

The Brady-ites in the Republican Party berate social conservatives, badgering us into calling a truce on the social issues. But what do they really mean? They can’t really be calling for a truce because a truce requires a cessation of activity on both sides, and the Left is relentless.

No, what the Brady-ites among us are demanding is surrender. They’re not expanding the tent. They’re shrinking it.

If Brady and his ilk don’t understand the preeminent place true marriage has in society—yes, over and above even taxes—they’re fools and don’t deserve their positions of power.

Below is the contact information for the GOP State Central Committee.  You may want to contact them and let them know your feelings.

Cong. District Name Cell Work Email
1 Steven Daglas 708-943-1913 708-955-2933
2 Judy A. Diekelman 708-877-6565 708-243-5019
3 Angel Garcia 312-375-0979
4 Vacant
5 Angelo Skip Saviano 708-453-7598 708-453-7547
6 Chris Kachiroubas 630-832-0778 630-333-2795
7 Carol Smith Donovan 312-643-0730 708-771-2345
8 Eugene R. Dawson 847-381-8817
9 John Dorgan 847-698-0630
10 Mark Shaw 847-609-3482
11 Barbara J. Peterson 708-651-6823 708-946-6822
12 Deb Detmers 618-910-2994
13 Roger C. Claar 630-212-2200 630-226-8412
14 Jim Oberweis 630-466-4886 630-801-6072
15 Jerry Clarke 217-649-7805
16 Dave Syverson 815-985-7135 815-987-7555
17 Judy Dudek 309-224-8379 309-647-1544
18 Michael S. Bigger 309-695-6338 309-695-6266
19 Bob Winchester 618-285-3636