IL GOP Chair Pat Brady Promotes Same-Sex Marriage

Written by Laurie Higgins

There are many things wrong with Illinois politics, but today our attention should turn to the feckless and destructive antics of the chair of the Illinois Republican Party: Pat Brady. On this the first working day of the New Year, the purported standard-bearer for conservatism in Illinois is busy calling Illinois Republican lawmakers, urging them to vote to destroy marriage. Yes, you heard that right. IL GOP Chair Pat Brady is trying to convince Republican state lawmakers that marriage has no intrinsic connection to gender, sexual complementarity, or procreative potential.

Does anyone think his efforts resulted from deep study of the public purposes of marriage or the implications of eliminating the central defining feature of marriage? Does anyone think he has seriously studied the work of Princeton Law professor, Robert George on what marriage is? Or like me, do you think Brady’s frenetic efforts to pervert marriage reflect a Macbethian desire for power and position.

As Brady works to undermine marriage, the family, and, by the way, the Republican Party platform, he demonstrates the kind of intellectual and moral vacuity that Illinoisans have come to expect from their politicians.

Brady argues that this is an “equality issue.” Say what? Those Illinoisans who choose to place their same-sex attraction at the center of their identity are perfectly free to participate in the sexually complementary public institution of marriage.  They choose not to participate in it.

Homosexuals are not being treated unequally, and they are not requesting equality. They are demanding the special privilege of unilaterally jettisoning the central defining feature of marriage: sexual complementarity.

According to Brady, equality demands that citizens be allowed to jettison criteria that establish what type of relationship constitutes marriage (which necessarily establish what types of relationships do not constitute marriage). Therefore, I guess equality demands that polyamorists be allowed to jettison the criterion regarding numbers of partners. Surely Brady doesn’t want polyamorists to be treated unequally.

And what about the two brothers who want to marry. Surely, Brady doesn’t want incestuous couples to be treated unequally. With same-sex incestuous unions, society need not worry about the increased risk of birth defects in children born to sibling unions because homosexuals are naturally and by design sterile. In addition, as the Beatles and homosexuals have told us ad nauseum, “all you need is love.” Freedom loving “progressives” in with whom Brady has thrown his lot, have judgmentally asked of anyone who makes moral claims with which they disagree, “Who are you to judge?” Surely Brady wouldn’t presume to judge the love between two brothers.

Brady has said that his efforts to pursue “equality” have nothing to do with his role as IL GOP leader. Rather, Brady claims (wink, wink, nudge, nudge) that he is merely expressing his personal views. Riiight. Brady spends the first working day of the New Year and the first working day of the lame duck session expressing his “personal views” about same-sex marriage to lawmakers outside of his personal legislative district.

And demonstrating astonishing arrogance, Brady told Illinois Review that the “’true conservative position is in favor” of same-sex marriage.”

No, Mr. Brady, Illinoisans are not that stupid.

Pat Brady has got to go.

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